OMNIFILL Grouting mortars

The grouting in tile work is very important. Both technically and aesthetically. A good finish is required to make your tiling strong and durable. The grout protects against leaks. Our range includes grouting for both internal and external work, for floors and walls. Pick the one you need for the type of tile used and width of joint. You can select colours in matching or contrasting shades. Omnicol's range of colours allows you to choose from 24 colours!


B100WD omnifill Grouting mortar for joints from 2-15 mm for wet rooms and swimming pools according to:

DIN 18195-5.
  • Prevents discolouration caused by mould.
  • Wear-resistant and high-pressure resistant.
  • Wall and floor.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Classification compliant with EN-13888: CG2W A.


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