omnifix Construction adhesives

Construction adhesives are dry, specific adhesive mortars for building materials such as cell concrete blocks, concrete stone and blocks and bricks. Using adhesive with bricks is a recent application that offers unprecedented possibilities. Our many years of experience have contributed to these adhesives being of consistent high quality and easily exceeding the toughest requirements and staying constantly ahead of the field.


PVM omnifix Adhesive mortar for all brick types.

  • Suitable for all brick types and small natural stone blocks.
  • More intense façade colour due to narrow recessed joints (3 - 6 mm).
  • 4 times more resistant, greater moisture resistance and efflorescence-free.
  • 3 types:
    A (highly porous bricks),
    B (moderately porous bricks) and
    C (low porosity bricks)

KOMO certificaat-PVM | Omnicol   
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