Privacy Statement

Protecting your privacy and data is very important for the Omnicol Group. The Group itself is made up of Omnicol NV, Omnicol BV, Omnicol Belgium NV and Omnicol GmbH (referred to hereinafter in this document as Omnicol Group).  As a consequence we also devote the necessary attention to this issue in the way we operate our business.

This statement provides you with information about the data that the Omnicol Group collects from you when you visit our website and the purposes for which the Omnicol Group uses that data:
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Omnicol Group, 14 Nijverheidsstraat, 2381 Weelde takes the protection of privacy extremely seriously. We aim to give the users of our services and websites as much information and control as possible about what happens with their data. Below you will find a good deal more information about our privacy policy. We also explain to you what kind of data we collect, why, how long we keep it for and how you have control over it.

1. Who is protected by this privacy policy?
This privacy policy applies when you visit our offices and websites, and if you are a potential or former customer of the Omnicol Group.
2. What does ‘data-processing’ mean and who is responsible for it?
The term ‘data-processing’ is understood to mean any processing of personal data. ‘Personal data’ is all data that may identify a natural person (a private individual) (see more below). The notion of ‘processing’ includes collecting, recording, ordering, keeping, updating, modifying, retrieving, viewing, using, disseminating or making available in any other way, collating, combining, archiving, deleting or ultimately destroying personal data.
Omnicol Group is responsible for the processing of your personal data.
3. What data do we process?
We process personal data, among other types of data. Personal data is data relating to an identifiable person (the ‘person concerned’) and which

  • you give us yourself;
  • we allocate to you for the use of our products and services;
  • we obtain through the use of our products and services, including the use thereof by end-users, or;
  • we have received via third parties.

All of the data that we collect may be combined in order to optimise our offerings and services we provide.
There are various types of personal data:

  • User data: this data enables us to identify you or contact you. Example: your name, address, telephone number, language preference, gender, e-mail address, age, family composition and all other preferences that you make known via social media, campaigns, competitions, etc. including your financial data and data in relation to your credit worthiness;
  • Technical data: we need this to ensure that our products and services function properly for you.
  • Traffic data: we need this specific technical data in order to handle your traffic over electronic communication networks, such as your anonymised IP address or MAC address;
  • Location data: this data enables us to establish the location of your SIM card. Location data indicates the transmission mast with which your device or tablet is connected;
  • Data about your usage: this is the data that we receive when you use our products or services. Example: which products you purchase. We use this data, among other things, to be able to bill you correctly as a customer and to offer you a better, personalised experience. Omnicol Group does not process any sensitive data, such as data about your racial or ethnic origin, political persuasions, sexual preferences and health.

4. What do we use this data for?
We process personal data for a variety of purposes. For each of these purposes, we only process the data that is necessary to achieve the intended purpose.
For example, we use personal data:

  • When we have your permission to do so;
  • In the context of preparing or executing a contract;
  • To comply with the statutory or regulatory requirements to which we are subject; and
  • When the Omnicol Group has a justified interest in doing so, in which case we always try to strike a balance between that interest and respecting the privacy of the person concerned.
  • Subject to having your permission, insofar as it is required, we collect personal data for the following practical purposes:
  • To handle your enquiry for our products/services. If you visit our website to gather information about our products/services or when, for example, you subscribe to our newsletter, then we need your address details. All of the information that we receive from you at this stage is only used to provide you with the information you ask for in the way that you wish to receive it.
  • To continue improving our products and services. We may process the data about your usage of our products and services into order to evaluate and enhance our range. For example: we look at what type of hardware you have so that we can optimise the use of our websites. That way we are able to gear our products and services better to suit you.
  • To inform you about (new) products or services from the Omnicol Group. We may use your data in order to offer you new products and/or services that we believe may be of interest to you. You can unsubscribe from these types of messages. You can see how you do that by reading point 8 of this privacy policy.
  • To present you with personalised advertisements / messages. Using your profile, we are able to gear our advertisements / messages to your interests and preferences. You can see how to unsubscribe from these by reading point 8 of this privacy policy.
  • To guarantee everyone’s safety and security. You may also be filmed by our surveillance cameras in and around our offices and premises. These images are only stored for the purpose of keeping property and people safe and secure, and also to prevent misuse, fraud and other offences of which our customers, visitors and/or ourselves may be the victim (we indicate the presence of cameras with pictograms that also state our contact details).
  • To monitor our performance. We may use your data and profile to evaluate our products and services. This includes: asking for feedback about our services (for example via market research), data that we obtain during conversations or interventions, our answers to questions from customers, etc.
  • To comply with our legal obligations. In a great many cases we are legally obliged to keep certain personal data and/or to disclose it to government authorities. This might include general tax and accounting obligations. In the context of a police or judicial investigation, we may be obliged to disclose certain data in a confidential manner to the necessary government authorities.
  • To update studies, tests and statistics, for example for trend analyses. We may use your anonymous, aggregated data for purposes such as internal and external reporting about the use of our products/services. The data that we use to do this cannot identify a specific individual. We use the information that we obtain from these analyses to evaluate our current portfolio of products and services and to make adjustments where necessary.

If you do not wish your data to be processed for marketing purposes, you can notify the Omnicol Group customer services department of your wishes via
When you use the services of other parties via our websites or online tools, such as chat, third-party websites, forums, social media, news groups and/or apps, Omnicol Group has no control over this and we are also not responsible for the information that you may post or enter on those websites.
5. How do we protect your data?
Our staff are trained to deal correctly with confidential data. With projects that are privacy-sensitive, an assessment is also made with regard to the security and protection of personal data.
We employ specific individuals for the protection of your data. These individuals supervise compliance with the legislation and oversee our ethical aspirations. We also employ specialists who are responsible for the security of our network, our infrastructure and our information systems. We also use a wide range of technical measures to protect your personal data, such as protection using a password, hard disk encryption software, firewalls, antivirus, intrusion and n anomaly detection and access controls for our employees. If a data leak were to occur, with unfavourable consequences for your personal data, you will be notified personally in the circumstances provided for by law.
The number of employees at our company who have access to your personal information is both limited and carefully selected. These employees are granted access to your personal information on the proviso that they require this information to carry out their tasks properly.
The existence and content of the personal communication that passes via our network (such as landline and mobile telephone conversations, e-mails and text messages) are protected by the provisions relating to telecommunication secrecy. This means that the Omnicol Group and its employees are not able to gain knowledge of the existence or content of such communication apart from the exceptions stated by law.
Our websites or social media sometimes provide links to third-party websites (external websites, other social media, partner websites, organisers of events that we sponsor, etc.) for which the terms and conditions of use do not come under the scope of this privacy policy. Please read their policies carefully with regard to the protection of your personal data.
We do not sell any personal data to third parties or pass it on to third parties, except:

  • To our legal successors and other companies in the Omnicol Group. We would pass your personal data on to any legal successors and associated companies (such as subsidiaries and sister companies) for the same purposes stated in the privacy policy.
  • If it is necessary for the service we provide. For some aspects of our products and services, we work with third parties or bring in subcontractors. This might be for the storage of electronic bills and invoices. Passing on your data is only for the same purposes as within the Omnicol Group itself. We also ensure that they, like us, handle your data securely, respectfully and responsibly.
  • If there is a legal obligation to do so. For this we refer to point 4 of this privacy policy. Where there is a justified interest for Omnicol Group or the third party involved. This only happens if your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms are not of greater importance.
  • If you give us your permission to do so. If the Omnicol Group were to pass on personal data in another way to third parties, this will be done with an explicit communication in which an explanation was provided about the third party, the purposes for passing the data on and the way in which it is processed. Where required by law, we will obtain your express permission. You also have the right to object at any time.

With regard to the international passing on of personal data, we protect your data in accordance with the level of protection required by European legislation.
In some cases we use anonymous, aggregated data for commercial purposes or for external reporting. This data can never lead to the identification of a specific individual.
6. How do you define what personal data we can use and how?
If we wish to collect your personal data for specific purposes, then we will always inform you about this and, where required by law, we will ask for your permission in the message that we send out in this regard.
7. What are your rights and how can you exercise them?
A. right of access
You have the right at all times to access (free of charge) the data that we hold about you. You may ask us:

  • Whether we process personal data about you;
  • What we process that data for;
  • What categories of personal data we process;
  • What categories of third parties we share your personal data with;
  • What the origin is of the data processed; and
  • What logic we use if we process certain personal data automatically.

You can exercise this right using the procedure set out below, which we call, based on legal terminology “Subject Access Request” or “SAR”. To do so, you may send an e-mail to
To exercise your right of access and to prevent the unlawful disclosure of your personal data, you must attach proof of your identity (preferably a copy of the front of your identity card) to your request.
The Omnicol Group then has 45 days to respond to your request. Please bear in mind that this period only begins to run when the Omnicol Group has received your request in writing and is in possession of all of the required information to comply with your request.
If the Omnicol Group does not respond to your request, or refuses it or if the answer does not meet your expectations, you then have the right to lodge a complaint with the Privacy Commission, via .
B. right to amendment and deletion
You have the right to have personal data that is incomplete, incorrect, inappropriate or out of date deleted or amended. To do that, you can contact us via
We will then amend or delete this information within the periods set by law. Please remember that sometimes, depending on your request, we are unable to offer some services any more. We are also not always able to delete all of the data requested, for example because we are obliged by law to retain certain data for certain periods of time.
C. right to object to the processing of your data for direct marketing
You may object at all times to your personal data being used for direct marketing purposes. To do that, you can always contact the Omnicol Group itself (, or you can:

  • For sales telephone calls: register with the Don’t-Call-Me list.
  • •For sales letters: register with the Robinson list.
  • For sales text messages: respond by sending “STOP” to the number that sent you the text message;
  • For sales e-mails: unsubscribe from the e-mail in question. To make e-mail campaigns more effective, we use software to measure whether our e-mails are opened and which links are clicked on;
  • For newsletters and e-invoicing: via

NB: we reserve the right to contact you electronically in the context of executing your contract or if the law obliges us to do so.
The Omnicol Group takes appropriate organisational and technical measures to protect personal data. We are not allowed to keep personal data for longer than is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which we collect the data. This means that the retention time can vary from purpose to purpose. Sometimes this period may be lengthy, for example in order to comply with our legal obligations (for example, to comply with our accounting and tax obligations, we are obliged to keep billing data for a maximum of 7 years) or in relation to the legal requirement to keep certain data as evidence is cases of disputes, up to a maximum of 10 years after the end of your contract, or for 30 years in the context of our frost warranty. Naturally, access to this archived data is restricted.
After the applicable retention times have expired, personal data is anonymised or deleted.
8. What about our websites and cookies?
In view of the data that you voluntarily disclose to us when using our websites, we also use cookies and other technological means to collect data.
You can visit our websites without disclosing any personal data. With your permission (provided it is required) we can also inform you as a visitor to our websites about a personalised range of products and services. We will then identify your anonymised IP address and link it to your customer data.
To optimise the service we provide, we may also supplement your customer data with the data that we derive from cookies as the result your use of our websites.
This cookie policy applies to all products and services of the Omnicol Group that relate to this policy or which are included therein by reference.
What are cookies?
We use cookies when you open our e-mails and/or when you visit our websites or use apps. Cookies are pieces of information that are stored on your own computer or mobile device and which optimise the ease of use of our websites and apps. For instance, as a visitor to our websites, you can be identified on a subsequent visit and so we can gear our websites more closely to your wishes, preferences and easy of use. Cookies can also be used to make the content or advertising on a website more personal.
Cookies may be placed by the Omnicol Group as well as by other parties. When we allow third parties to place cookies on our websites, these parties are contractually bound to guarantee a secure connection over which the data is exchanged.
What sorts of cookies do we use?

  • Essential cookies: are required to be able to use the website. They allow for secure checks on identity. For example: navigating through the website
  • Functional cookies: make the function of the website easier and ensure a personalised surfing experience, for example by remembering the language setting.
  • Analytical cookies: ensure that we are able to analyse our websites. By doing so, we know how many visitors come to our site, how long they stayed, what they clicked on, which sections of the site are popular, etc. We can also see which pages are not frequently visited and what problems visitors may encounter. This enables us to keep on improving our websites. To do this, we use cookies from third parties, such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. The information generated about your usage patterns on our websites is collected anonymously (by removing the last 8 characters of your IP address) and transferred to and by Google, where it is stored on servers in the United States. This anonymised data is then analysed by Google on our behalf and sent back to us as aggregated data. Google does not link your anonymised IP address to other data analysed by it.
  • Performance cookies: these collect data from visitors in order to improve the website. For example: counting visitors, cataloguing popular webpages, etc.
  • Advertisement cookies: these adjust the ads you see based on your surfing pattern, demographics and user data.
  • Remarketing cookies: our website uses remarketing cookies to display advertisements to you for a certain period of time (up to 90 days) that are personalised and/or based on your interests. For more information about these cookies: Google Remarketing (Adwords / Dynamic Remarketing), LinkedIn and Facebook.

The term “cookies” also include other similar technologies, such as flash cookies, device fingerprinting, html5-local storage and javascripts.
Managing cookies
You can refuse the installation of cookies via your browser settings. The following website lists the most frequently used browsers and the method you should use to refuse cookies:
You can also delete cookies that have already been installed from your computer or mobile device at any time.
Please remember that changing the setting may result in Omnicol Group websites and other websites not working properly any longer.
Other technological tools
In order to measure the success of our advertising campaigns and to improve them, technologies such as web beacons and action tags count the number of visitors to our websites and/or apps resulting from an ad placed on third-party sites. Some of the pages on our websites also work with pixel tags. Among other things, these pixels see which products you view on our websites. Based on this information, we may then display relevant advertisements to you on, say, Facebook and Google.

What are cookies used for?
Cookies may be used to recognise you when you visit the Omnicol Group, to remember your preferences and to provide you with a personalised experience that is in line with your settings.
Cookies also make your interactions with Omnicol Group faster and more secure. Cookies also enable us to show you advertisements from outside the Omnicol Group website, as well as to offer you appropriate functions via Omnicol Group plug-ins, such as our Share button.

Categories of use Description
Verification If you have logged on to the Omnicol Group, cookies enable us to display the right data and personalise your experience.
Security We use cookies to make our security functions possible and to support them. They also enable us to detect harmful activities and breaches of our user agreement.
Preferences, functions and services. Cookies can let us know which language you state as your preference and what your communication preferences are. Cookies also make it easier to fill in forms on the Omnicol Group. They also offer you functions, insights and appropriate content in combination with our plug-ins.
Advertising We may use cookies to show you relevant advertisements, both on and outside the Omnicol Group website. We may also use a cookie to determine whether someone who has seen an advertisement on Google or other websites visits the Omnicol Group website later and takes action there. We may also work with a partner to show you an advertisement, on and outside the Omnicol Group, for example after you have used the Omnicol Group website or application.
Performance, analysis and research Cookies also enables us to determine how well our website and plug-ins perform at different locations. We also use cookies to understand, improve and research products, functions and services, including when you open the Omnicol Group from other websites, applications or devices, such as your computer at work or your mobile phone.

9. How can I contact the Omnicol Group?
If you would like to contact our customer service department in order to changes your privacy settings, one of the ways you can do so is via

We use cookies to optimise your user experience on our website. By visiting our website, you are agreeing to the use of these cookies. More information