General terms and conditions 
Access to and use of this website is subject to the prior acceptance of these general terms and conditions. By visiting this website or using the information at this website, you automatically accept the general terms and conditions and will refrain from making claims of any kind against OMNICOL NV, its subsidiaries, branches or employees, that may arise from using the website or the material, information, assessments or recommendations featured at the site. These general terms and conditions consist of the following clauses:

Information and Legal Notice
This website and the information, names, images, illustrations, logos and icons regarding or in connection with OMNICOL NV and its subsidiaries, branches, products and services are provided “as seen”, without any explanation or confirmation or guarantee of any kind, explicit or implicit, including, but not restricted to, the implicit guarantee of negotiability, appropriateness for a particular purpose or not constituting a breach. Although the information at this website has been drawn up in good faith to provide information about OMNICOL NV and its products and services, OMNICOL NV, its parent companies, subsidiaries, branches or employees will under no circumstances be held liable for damage of any kind, including, but not restricted to direct, indirect or specific damage, consequential damage or incidental damage that is the result of or in connection with the use of or access to the website, or which is the result of or is connected with the material, information, assessments or recommendations featured at this website.

OMNICOL NV may at all times and without prior notification make any modifications, improvements and/or changes required to these general terms and conditions, to the names, images, illustrations, logos and icons used at this website and to the products and services referred to at this website. This website may contain links or references to other websites that are not under the control or supervision of OMNICOL NV. OMNICOL NV cannot accept any liability regarding the content of such links or links at the linked sites. You hereby agree not to modify, replace or supplement the information at this website in part or in full.

Product information
This website contains information about construction materials, including construction adhesives, tile adhesives and grouting, plasters and levelling materials. This site may possibly refer to products that are no longer available or which are marketed under a different name. Consult OMNICOL NV for more information.

Intellectual property
The material displayed at this website, including, without restrictions, all editorial material, photos, illustrations and other graphics material, as well as the names, logos, trademarks and service marks are the property of OMNICOL NV or its subsidiaries, branches or licensees and are protected as such by copyright, trademark rights or other laws governing intellectual property. Other products or company names that appear at this website may be the trademarks of their respective owners. It is not permitted to copy, resend, distribute, disseminate, sell, publish, transmit or circulate the material. However, the following is permitted:

a. to print off fragments of the material from this website or to download it for non-commercial, information purposes for person use, or 

b. to copy the material at this website with the intention, not for commercial purposes, of sending it to individuals for their personal, purely informative, use. 

This is on condition that OMNICOL NV is mentioned as the source of information and that these third parties are notified that these general terms and conditions apply to them and must be complied with.

None of what is stated herein will be understood to mean the granting of a licence or right relating to a patent or trademark belonging to OMNICOL NV or third parties.

Unless explicitly stated, nothing that is contained herein will be construed as granting a licence or a right to any copyright or intellectual property right in relation to such information, data, products or services.

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction 
These terms and conditions are governed, understood and executed in accordance with Belgian legislation. Any disputes that may arise from these terms and conditions will be submitted to and ruled on solely by the courts in Belgium with competent jurisdiction. 

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