About Omnicol

Strong family ties
Omnicol has been a family business ever since it was established in 1956. This has many advantages. For example, values which are often ignored today are firmly embedded in the company. These include keeping promises and maintaining a strong customer focus. Omnicol is regarded as a reliable and solution-oriented partner. The head office is in Weelde (Belgium), which is also home to the production and R&D departments. From the sales offices in Ham (Belgium) and Hedel (the Netherlands), Omnicol products make their way to clients. The flat organisational structure guarantees short lines of communication and rapid answers.

Core business
Omnicol specialises in professional solutions for bonding construction materials. Bathrooms, swimming pools and hospitals, among many other projects, are professionally finished using Omnicol products as the connecting link between the bare substrate and the aesthetic finish. Omnicol also supplies powerful solutions for bonding bricks for external walls. The result: strong constructions with minimal joints. The streamlined image is emphasised by the variety of colour mixtures which are available. Omnicol is always innovating. As a result, Omnicol products are also used in the prefab industry. 

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